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Headquarters: Ecopole de Senart – 42, rue de l'Innovation – 77550 Moissy-Cramayel – France
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For any services for which DotVision will not be on-site, the equipment will be shipped with a scheduled delivery to the customer at least three days before the start of the event. After the event, the customer is to send the equipment back to DotVision, within a maximum of three days. After that time, a late fee will be applied, in the amount of 5% of the total contract price, per day late. All shipping costs, to and from the customer, will be paid by the latter.


To access the platform from the race area, the customer must provide high-speed internet access. On-site, the customer is responsible for the logistics of the GPS devices: handling, distribution, collection, recharging, etc., and also must provide the human resources needed to perform those tasks. If on-site support (optional) is not included in the contract, the customer must designate a person within the organisation who will be responsible for the tracking. This will be the go-to contact person for DotVision, before, during and after the event, to ensure that the GPS tracking runs smoothly.


The customer must compensate DotVision for any loss or damage of equipment. The prices are set out as below: Trackers: €150 / External batteries: €50 / Chargers: €30 / Aquapac cases: €30. The smartphones available for rental will only provide access to the DotVision Motion app and to DotVision contact numbers. The customer will be billed for any other use thereof.


Payment is to be made in two instalments: a 30% down payment at the time of reservation of the GPS devices (non-refundable), and a payment of the remaining balance upon receiving the invoice, which will be issued after the event. The number of devices placed in the initial order may be reduced any time from the time of reservation to one month before the event. After that, any reduction in the number of devices cannot be more than 5% of the inital order.


The data collected during the event are stored and made accessible for a period of one year thereafter. The customer agrees that DotVision Motion may refer the event.


The customer must ensure that DotVision branding is visible on the relevant documents and media (website, press releases, etc.). The customer must always associate the DotVision name with any references to live race tracking, such as “DotVision Motion GPS tracking,” “Live tracking from DotVision Motion,” “GPS tracking provided by DotVision Motion,” etc.


The client recognises and understands that the accuracy of live tracking is subject to the constraints of GPS and/or GPRS technologies. DotVision may not be held liable for any incorrect data (due to poor GPS reception) or missing data (due to poor GPRS network coverage). "The customer is aware of DotVision’s obligation of due care." (Not sure about this sentence, maybe "The customer agrees that DotVision is only bound by the obligation of due care"


If our system is being used for overseas events, additional communication charges may be charged to the customer.